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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Several factors influence the cost. Frequency of events, size of screen (we have five sizes), day of week, amount of travel involved, and choice of pre-movie entertainment. For an event of its size and quality, it is very affordable. For a detailed price quote, please call the Special Events Network at (770) 395-7900.

What is the setup and teardown time and requirements?

Depending on screen size, it typically takes 1-2 hours for setup and 1 hour or less for breakdown.  We will need a smooth flat area for setup of the inflatable screen.  We typically use tent stakes in the ground to secure the screen safely.  If tent stakes are not allowed, an acceptable alternative for securing the screen must be provided.

When can we start the movie?

Movies can begin at dusk (about 15 minutes before dark). No image can be projected onto the screen during the day. Pre-movie activities can begin up to 2 hours prior to the movie. SEN will provide the sound system with music and a microphone for announcements. Attendees generally arrive early, so pre movie activities are very popular.

Do we need a movie licence? What movies are available?

Yes, a public performance license is required. Fees and available movie titles are determined by the movie studios. Prices are influenced by multiple factors including: Estimated audience size, studio, and time of year. The two main providers of outdoor non-theatrical movie licensing are Swank Motion Pictures, Inc  and Criterion Pictures. Each agency represents different movie studios. SEN can assist you with licensing or you can contact these agencies directly for a quote.

Can I show something other than a movie?

Yes, SEN has the capability to show live nighttime sporting events and television shows, as well as, any other recorded presentations.

Is your company insured?

Yes, Special Events Network carries a $2,000,000 commercial liability policy.

What are your weather policies?

Rain or high winds can lead to postponement of your event. SEN provides options for rescheduling your event to an available date in the future. All events must be rescheduled within 6 months of the original event date.